A New Introduction to Islam

Daniel Brown

A readable textbook on Islam. 

A New Introduction to Islam offers students a fresh account of the origins, major features and lasting impact of the Islamic tradition. The development of Muslim beliefs and practices is carefully explored against the background of social and cultural contexts that extend from North Africa to South and Southeast Asia, providing a new and illuminating perspective. This thought-provoking book: Introduces students to the history and development of Islamic studies as a discipline, showing how it has shaped our understanding of Islam Examines how the vibrant religious culture of the Near East produced a unique and brilliant intellectual and religious tradition spanning the fields of Islamic law, theology, philosophy and mysticism Surveys the ways in which Islamic tradition has enriched the world and in turn been enriched by interaction with other civilizations, from the Mongols to the modern West Considers the opportunities and challenges facing Muslims today.Useful student features include detailed chronologies and tables summarizing key information, as well as maps and diagrams.
It provides the ideal introductory textbook to the fascinating practice, history and beliefs of Islamic tradition.

Oxford: Blackwell, 2004



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