God’s Never-Ending Story. 1. The Story Begins

Ken Booth
  • Title: God’s Never-Ending Story. 1. The Story Begins
  • Author: Ken Booth
  • Serial #: 2003 Theology House
  • Location: For Sale at Theology House

Aims of the Course

The course aims to provide you with:

  • An understanding of some of the basics of Christian faith, including an overview of the Bible and church history from Genesis to the present day.
  • A deeper understanding of your faith and the ability to relate it to your daily life by piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of God’s dealings with us from the beginning to how we should live today.
  • An opportunity to share with and learn from others and to think and work together on our common journey in the Christian life.
  • An invitation to develop your own pattern of spirituality, discipleship and ministry by exploring connections between the life experiences of biblical and historical personalities and your own.
  • A challenge to get to grips with how God sees the world and where we fit into the scheme of things.

Course Method

The course is designed to be run in small groups of between five and fifteen people. For each unit there is a book with six chapters consisting of material for each session of the unit and some questions to think about. Each chapter will take about an hour to read.

Furthur Information

Overall Structure of the Course

The complete course has six units of six sessions. Each session consists of a two hour group meeting. The first hour is spent discussing the prepared course material. In the second hour a contemporary incident taken from the personal ministry experience of those in the group is discussed in the light of the story of our faith.

  • Getting Started
    Establishing the group and getting to know each other.
  • Unit One: The Story Begins
    An introduction to the Old Testament
  • Unit Two: The Heart of the Story
    An introduction to the New Testament
  • Unit Three: The Story Continues
    From the early church to the Reformation
  • Unit Four: The Story in English
    An introduction to the British heritage of Christian faith
  • Unit Five: The Story includes Us
    An introduction to our New Zealand story
  • Unit Six: Our Denominational Story:
    (a) An introduction to Anglicanism

What is expected of participants?

  • Before each of the six sessions you will need to read the chapter for that session. That will take about an hour.
  • Join in the six sessions. There will also be one or two beforehand to get organised and meet other members of your group.
  • Participate in the discussions, by questions, by reflection on your own life and things that have happened to you and that you have seen and noticed in your journey through life.
  • It is hoped you will share some of those stories, but you will never have to share more than you want to.
  • If you want to (but only if you do) there are some small assignments to write.


Individual copies of each book $20.00 + p&p. Five or more copies of each book $15.00 + p.&p. Group Leader’s Handbook $10.00 + p.&p. (the Group Leader’s Handbook for the course is supplied free with bulk orders).

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