NZ Diploma in Christian Studies

Start On: 01/January/2021 12:00 am Friday
Ends On: 31 Dec 2021 : 12:00 am

Christchurch and via Distance
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Theology House is proud to partner with St John’s College in Auckland to delivery the Diploma in Christian Studies in the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.

The programme is structured to allow a you to complete the NZQA Level 5 diploma in 3 years.  Only one paper is taught at a time which allows many people to complete it on top other commitments including full-time employment.

Whether to prepare for a particular ministry or just for your own interest, this diploma programme is the perfect introduction to the world of formal study of theology.  At is it a recognised programme, you can use this as a foundation for further study at other institutions (as determined by those institutions).  Students have access to a range of support from St John’s College and Theology House including great library resources.

What’s even better is that there are no tuition fees for Anglican students, just a $50 administration fee per paper (normally 4 per year).

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