The Theology House Story

Theology House (TH) is the operational name of the College House Institute of Theology (CHIT), a theology and ministry resourcing centre which is an independent charitable body. TH has strong links to College House, a hall of residence for the University of Canterbury which used to also operate as a theological college, and to the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch, whose Bishop is ex-officio the Chair of the Theology House Board.

The formal separation between CHIT and College House took place in 1994. The initial operations of CHIT began in 1992 in leased premises in the Parish Hall of St Mary’s Merivale. The use of the name ‘Theology House’ began in 2003.

Following earthquake damage to the St Mary’s Hall through 2010-2011,  TH has been a centre on the move since 28 September 2011. A few months at St Barnabas’ Fendalton were followed by eight months at St Aidan’s Bryndwr. From October, 2012, Between then and 1 November 2016 the main operations of TH were carried out from a house at 31 Yaldhurst Road, Upper Riccarton. In November 2016 Theology House moved to Level 1, 10 Logistics Drive, Harewood. And then in 2022 Theology House moved to it’s current library space, within the Anglican centre at Level 1, 95 Tuam Street, Central Christchurch.

The Anglican Resource Centre is also housed in the Anglican Centre, in a separate room near to Theology House library.

TH is supported by funding from College House, the St John’s College Trust Board, student fees and general donations. We have a formal relationship with the University of Otago. We are ‘Anglican and Ecumenical’ and welcome your enquiries as to how we can support education in your church.

Theology House relationships

We are pleased to work closely with the Diocese of Christchurch, to support Anglican Taonga as a website for news and views of Anglican life in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia, and beyond to the churches of the Anglican Communion.

A link to the University of Otago may be found on our home page. We also work with other theological education providers, especially Laidlaw College Christchurch. We are in close contact with the College of St John the Evangelist (‘St John’s College’), Auckland, the primary residential college for ministry training for the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.