Theology House was originally part of College House which is also a University Hall of Residence. College House, itself originally the Upper Department of Christ’s College, was formally established as a distinct entity on 5 September 1957, with two stated objects in view:

(a) the provision of a university hall of residence for young men

(b) theological teaching.

In 1992 College House resolved that its “theological branch” should be managed by a separate governing body and known as “the College House Institute of Theology”. The Anglican Bishop of Christchurch is chairperson of the Board of Trustees. The Institute’s Deed of Foundation was formally signed by the initial trustees on 28 July 1994, and it was incorporated under the Charitable Trusts’ Act 1957 on 4 November 1994.

In 2003 the name was changed from College House Institute of Theology to Theology House.

Historically and constitutionally Theology House has links with the Anglican church, but there are no denominational restrictions at all on entry to courses.

Where possible Theology House will also offer resources and support for all those studying theology. This includes those pursuing degree courses in theology offered by Otago University (available in Canterbury and Westland by distance learning) and by Laidlaw College (with a teaching branch in Christchurch, and distance learning available). Since 2015 Theology House has been an adjunct teaching centre for Anglican Studies courses accredited through St John’s College Auckland.