A Narnian Vision of The Atonement

Charles Taliaferro
  • Title: A Narnian Vision of The Atonement
  • Author: Charles Taliaferro
  • Library Number #: PR 6023.E926 TAL

How can we have redemption or atonement (at-one-ment) with God? Ancient Christians proposed the ransom theory, according to which God pays the ransom for us through heroic self-sacrifice so we can be liberated from the power of the demonic, sin and death. This theory is widely rejected by philosophers and theologians, yet C. S Lewis boldly portrays atonement in precisely such terms in his seven volume ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ In this book, philosopher Charles Taliaferro defends the integrity and beauty of redemption in these stories and offers a Narnia-inspired Christian theory of atonement.

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