The Art of Pastoring

David Hansen
  • Title: The Art of Pastoring
  • Author: David Hansen
  • Library Number #: BV 4011.3 HAN

The Art of Pastoring is beloved by many pastors and ministry students because of what it’s not. It’s not a book about how to grow your church. It’s not about how to lead like a business person or an entrepreneur. This is a book about the heart of pastoral ministry. It’s about what it’s like, in the midst of confusing messy situations, to be a ‘parable of Jesus” on a day to day basis. By colorfully conveying his insights and experiences of the pastorate, David Hansen invites others to pay attention to their own stories and hopes for ministry. Now revised and updated throughout with a new foreword, intro and afterword, two new appendices and a discussion guide, The Art of Pastoring is your invitation to sit with David Hansen and explore the wonder of your calling.

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