The Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament

  • Title: The Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament
  • Author: Various
  • Library Number #: BSxxxx
  • Location: Theology House

These books are designed to guide new readers and seasoned scholars through the intricacies of the Greek text with verse-by-verse treatment of the biblical text.

Each handbook consists of:

Introduction drawing readers to distinctive features of the biblical text

Each page has a header to direct readers to the beginning of the section where the translation is found.

The handbooks assume a minimal level of competence with Greek morphology and syntax.

Furthur Information

We are adding more books from this series as they are published. So do make contact with our Librarian should you want to reserve any.

BS2675.52LON. II Corinthians by Fredrick J. Long

BS2695.52LAR. Ephesians

BS2745.52PER. The Pastoral Letters

BS2795.52DAV. II Peter and Jude


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