Risk: Through Lent With Acts

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Peter Carrell, Liz Giller, Vivien Harber, Tessa Laing, +Victoria Matthews, Spanky Moore and Jolyon White.
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Similar to previous years, this booklet is suitable for personal or group study.  Covering the six weeks of Lent, the studies offer a brief introduction to the Acts of the Apostles:

  • Study One: Risking standing up for Jesus (Acts 4:1-22)
  • Study Two: Risking following the Spirit’s lead (Acts 8:26-40)
  • Study Three: Risking welcoming an adversary (Acts 9:1-22)
  • Study Four: Risking debate in order to seek reconciliation (Acts 15:1-21)
  • Study Five: Risking rejection for the sake of the gospel (Acts 17:22-34)
  • Study Six: Risking the present for the sake of the future (Acts 20:17-38)
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This book is available in two formats.

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  2. Hard copies are available for purchase from Theology House

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