A Holy Church – Lent Study Guide

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A six-week bible study on living up to our calling as God’s Church.  Each chapter focuses on the lessons we can draw from scripture about how we should live as Christian communities.

A Holy Church comes about in the context of the need for the Church in Aotearoa to respond meaningfully to the work of the Abuse in Care Royal Commission.  This study isn’t about abuse within the Church.  It is about the churches and communities where we live out our lives as Christians and where abuse has happened and continues to happen.  The intention is to help the churches have better conversations as we consider how best to respond.  You might say this is about finding a biblical posture from which to engage.

Further Information
This book comes in two formats
  1. As a hard copy that can be purchased from Theology House.
  2. As an electronic copy that you can purchase on Amazon

We have compiled links to the standards and complaints information from various denominations at https://theologyhouse.ac.nz/lent/

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